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The Agency Optimizer Process™ helps independent insurance agency owners optimize the value of their agencies, enhancing both their emotional and financial rewards. Created by INEX Capital & Growth Advisors, this process enables agency principals to increase their earning potential, gain additional enjoyment from their business, and improve their personal and professional relationships.

Agency principals often operate with widely varying degrees of effectiveness over their careers, as their agencies develop and reach plateaus that become difficult to break through. At certain points in these stages, agency owners fall into what INEX calls The Agency Inertia Trap™. According to Peter Milnes, Chairman of INEX Capital & Growth Advisors, “When this happens, their business becomes stagnant, with sales and profits reaching a plateau. Frequently, agency principals find themselves working harder for the same money or less. And, often, they put their long-term goals on hold while they respond to day-to-day crises. Most significantly, they are unaware of the real potential rewards that can be derived from their business and how to realize its full value. That’s why, in working with scores of independent insurance agency owners during the past twenty years, we created The Agency Optimizer Process™.

The Agency Optimizer Process™ enables the agency owner to move their agency into the range of high performance. This multi-step process is composed of five distinct stages. With the first step, The Strategic Vision Session, INEX helps assess an agency’s current situation – both good and bad – and create a powerful new vision for the owner’s future and that of the agency. Next, in the Obstacle Review, they assist in identifying all the obstacles standing in the way and in designing strategies to overcome them. At this point, INEX uses The Agency Optimizer Toolbox to provide an extensive menu of tools, resources, and expertise to help the agency owner achieve their vision. With INEX’s years of experience in areas such as budgeting, operational and financial reviews, perpetuation planning, carrier relationships, premium finance, and mergers & acquisitions, teaming up poises the agency principal for success. INEX then employs the Agency Implementer to help the agency principal use these tools (and many more) to implement necessary changes.  And, in the final step, The Optimizer Process Review, ongoing review provides an external cross-check to ensure the vision becomes a reality.

“As an agency owner,” notes Milnes, “when you embark upon this program, you will be operating more effectively and thus deriving more enjoyment from your business. You will see such benefits as increased profits, improved relationships, clearly identified long-term goals, and additional value being derived from your agency. Most importantly, however, you will be making progress toward achieving your long-term vision.”

To get started, please call Peter Milnes at (603) 665-6100

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